Papas cupcakeria

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Papas cupcakeria

Having added a new ring to his investments and restaurant chains every day, the Pope is now preparing to conquer the hearts of its customers with delicious tasty Cupcakes.

Papa’s has been serving his customers with fabulous cakes for many years, working with the cake maker to learn his profession and open a shop for him. With customers arriving at the store, Papa’s character will immediately take orders and pass to the kitchen area. In the first part you will be helping and try to make beautiful muffins by keeping the recipes in mind. If your customers do not like the ones you will make in the , they will give you less money and less points and you will lose your reputation.

Try to make the cake in the best way to get positive scores from customers. skill is a business. It’s not easy working at the Pope’s shop. You need to raise the customer’s orders at the same time. Good luck with …


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