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Whack your boss

Whack your boss: An entertaining that you can apply 24 different methods of drilling your bosses who act badly, constantly scolding or screaming unnecessarily, is a very satisfying game.
Tired of your boss? Does it make you very sick? Then this game is for you. Whack Your Boss: The frip game is a game for people who hate bosses. It’s pretty easy to play the game. Find the secret weapons in the room and get revenge on your boss. When you play this game which is quite simple, you will almost stress.
The game is about how many people will love what they do to their bosses. In this way you can unleash your anger and get rid of it. As long as you can imagine the character is your boss.
You can swing your boss using various objects like monitor, bag, door, umbrella, golf club and more. Release your loyal and patronize the office. Progress through the game and open up more of your level-lock to make it more fun. Use your kicking and punching skills to beat your boss and give him a lesson. Give her a big headache at and make herself a puzzle experience. Complete the goal and move on to the next level you need to complete another task to score points.
You can download this highly entertaining game for free to your Android phone and tablet.


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